Sugar Sell with SugarPredict Leverages Data-Fueled Artificial Intelligence for Breakthrough Sales Performance

CUPERTINO, Calif. – May 11, 2021 – The power of SugarCRM’s game-changing feature, SugarPredict, which brings data-fueled artificial intelligence (AI) to CRM users, has now been recognized with one of the most prestigious awards in the enterprise software industry. 

Sugar Sell with SugarPredict, has been named “Best New Product” in the Relationship Management Solution category in the 19th Annual American Business Awards®, earning the platform a coveted Gold Stevie® Award. 

After a year of uncertainty for businesses worldwide, SugarPredict offers essential insights to power improved predictability and performance, removing the guesswork from crucial day-to-day sales and marketing activities; the result is no blind spots, less busy work, and fewer roadblocks. 

“This award reinforces Sugar’s commitment to bringing the power of AI into the hands of our users to help automate low-level activities so sales professionals can instead focus on understanding their customers and creating a better experience for them, helping to cultivate customers for life,” said David Campbell, Vice President of Product Marketing at SugarCRM.

Sugar Sell with SugarPredict helps address the current customer relationship crisis fueled by a lack of visibility into customer data. In the 2021 CRM and Sales Impact Report, nearly half (48%) of sales professionals said their CRM systems are unfit for purpose and are costing them revenue. Besieged with status quo CRM systems, sales leaders are struggling to ensure their sales teams are spending enough time with customers and can access the data required to build and maintain these vital relationships.

SugarPredict is the AI “secret sauce” for CRM and is influencing a new breed of sales professionals that is data-driven as opposed to working from luck or “gut feel,” eliminating poor sales targeting and inefficient processes. SugarPredict is pre-integrated and included as a basic service without the time, cost, and technical expertise typically required to leverage AI. 

“The American economy continues to show its resilience, and as we’re poised on the beginning of what should be a phenomenal period of growth, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of a wide range of organizations and people over the past 18 months,” said Stevie Awards President Maggie Gallagher. “This year’s Stevie-winning nominations in The American Business Awards are testament to the ingenuity, the commitment, the passion, the adaptability, and the creativity of the American people.”

The American Business Awards are the U.S.A.’s premier business awards program. More than 3,800 nominations a record number – were submitted this year for consideration and over 250 professionals worldwide participated in the judging process to select this year’s Stevie Award winners.

About SugarPredict

SugarPredict takes the guesswork out of lead prioritization, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) alignment, and opportunity-to-close-won scoring. SugarPredict analyzes historical account, deal, and company data and is designed to help predict which leads are most likely to become customers. Lead scoring is based on similarity to historical conversions (converted leads or closed-to-won opportunities), while ICP matching identifies leads that are similar to a company’s historically successful customer segments. A key differentiator is that SugarPredict fuels internal customer data with externally-sourced data covering millions of companies and contacts. This data fueling significantly improves the results of AI analysis and enables it to identify patterns and correlations that may not be possible with the internal data alone. 

Check out SugarPredict to learn more about AI-driven solutions for CRM and sales automation.

About SugarCRM

SugarCRM is how marketing, sales, and service teams finally get a clear picture of each customer to help businesses reach new levels of performance and predictability. Sugar is the CRM platform that makes the hard things easier. 

Thousands of companies in over 120 countries rely on SugarCRM to achieve high-definition CX by letting the platform do the work. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, SugarCRM is backed by Accel-KKR.

Media contact:

Jessica Riggs
Lutz Public Relations & Marketing for SugarCRM