SugarCRM champions actionable information with latest product innovations

SugarⓇ Fall 18 and SugarCRM Hint version 5, the latest innovations from industry leader SugarCRM, deliver a range of improvements to simplify insights, recommendations and data visualization.

Cupertino, Calif. – October 10, 2018 – SugarCRM Inc., the company that helps organizations build better business relationships, today announced new improvements to its core CRM application, as well as the latest additions to its relationship intelligence service, Hint.

The new releases build on SugarCRM’s ongoing commitment to delivering simple, easy to understand and actionable information, enabling companies to build on existing relationships and create new ones.

Rich Green, chief product officer and CTO at SugarCRM, explained the thinking behind the new product innovations:

“CRM is moving from a system of record to a network of capabilities – a system that helps to drive better outcomes and improved automation. Humans are good at connecting the dots, but by providing proactive insights, we can help people connect the dots quicker and in a more meaningful way.

“The world of CRM is hyper-connected, and businesses are relying more and more on real-time data insights. The lines between business and personal tools are becoming blurred and with advances in social, mobile and other new media platforms – employees now have heightened expectations of the tools they access to perform their daily tasks.

“As an innovative and industry-leading CRM provider, we are informing and guiding our customers with new innovations that simplify data and make information more fluid in an increasingly complicated environment.”

The new features included in SugarⓇ Fall 18 include a wide range of future-focused features that lead the way in the key areas of brand experience, business insight and automation:

  • Improved quotes configuration – with a few clicks, modify the layout and content of quotes and configure those quotes to specific industries and brands, generating more accurate and appealing quotes
  • Clearer data visualization – new chart types deliver real-time insight to users and create new possibilities when analyzing SugarCRM data
  • Improved advanced workflow – improved workflow offers intuitive tools to better alert and notify more stakeholders along key steps in the customer journey

SugarCRM has also announced exciting new features of its Relationship Intelligence product line. The latest features focus on pushing relevant data to users via multiple channels, enabling better decision-making and driving enhanced customer insights.

These new features will be available to Hint users this December, and include the following:

  • Enhanced multi-channel alerts – receive proactive and configurable customer alerts for signals and interesting moments based on user preferences
  • Configurable filters – Users can quickly configure keywords and other types of relevant data events they wish to see, such as funding announcements, personnel changes among client accounts, or M&A events
  • Clearer information – In addition to browser notifications – email alerts, daily digest reports and informative Dashlets make it easier than ever to consume and take action from Hint data insights

Green added: “As information and insights become more ubiquitous, it becomes harder to understand and digest data. CRM software is constantly changing, and our latest announcements will keep us at the forefront of the industry and our customers better informed about their customers.

“SugarⓇ Fall 18 represents another step in our ongoing commitment to delivering a simple, intuitive customer experience, and the new product functionality that enhances usability and utility of the core Sugar app will allow us to inform and guide our customers with even clearer insights.

“The latest version of Hint helps users to know what they need to know, when they need to know it, with a range of alerts seamlessly providing important, useful and actionable insights. This is an exciting step forward for Hint, which we’re pleased to say will get even better with the upcoming integration of Sugar AI to help identify upsell opportunities or churn risks.”


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