Enhance your marketing and sales initiatives with Sugar’s campaign management software.

Create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels. Develop compelling email marketing programs and easily capture leads from your website.

Laptop screenshot of campaign management dashboard in software

Use Sugar’s campaign management software to streamline the development, execution, monitoring and management of your campaigns across multiple channels. You’ll also be able to:

  • Build detailed views into campaign effectiveness across marketing and sales stages.
  • Define campaign routing and approvals to ensure visibility, alignment and execution across your organization.
  • Benchmark campaign effectiveness to quickly identify what is working and what is not delivering the results.

Sugar Campaign Wizard simplifies campaign design, execution and tracking of a campaign. Campaign Wizard gathers granular information so you can measure your campaigns and get real-time activity updates.

Ensure email and other marketing campaigns are brand consistent and coordinated across channels. Track the email delivery, open, click-through, bounce rate, opt-out stats for email campaigns. Assign generated opportunities to a campaign source to track ROI.

Use Sugar’s Web-To-Lead Form to easily capture your website visitors’ information and store them as Leads. This reduces dependency on IT support as the form is easy to use, even for a non-technical user.

Expect all this and more with Sugar’s campaign management system. Start your free trial today.

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