Syncfrog quickly and easily transfers data from one cloud-based system to another.

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About Clicktools

Clicktools provides SaaS solutions that leverage CRM to collect, centralize, and act on customer interactions. Since 2001, Clicktools has helped organizations of all sizes and across industries improve customer experience. Thousands of marketing, sales, and support professionals worldwide use Clicktools to collect information through surveys, scripts, and forms; centralize the data in CRM; and act on insights to deepen customer relationships. Notably, Clicktools was the first survey provider to integrate with and was an original member of the AppExchange. The company is privately held with headquarters on the South Coast of England and a US-based office in Phoenix, Arizona.

Syncfrog for Sugar

Syncfrog quickly and easily transfers data from one cloud-based system to another, organizing where you need it in your CRM to to maximize the power of the information Developed by the integration experts at Clicktools, Syncfrog intelligently places data into CRM, marketing automation and other systems to deepen users’ understanding of their customers and supercharge their sales and marketing power.

Syncfrog provides state-of-the-art integration functionality businesses need to effectively collect, manage and leverage their data – without IT assistance. Users can easily collect information and centralize it in SugarCRM, ensuring that all staff are working with a complete and unified database. Eliminating data silos caused by a multitude of cloud-based systems used across an organization and harmonizing an omnichannel experience by harnessing SugarCRM.

Why Syncfrog?

CRM administrators who manage multiple sources of data can benefit from Syncfrog’s power to simplify integrative tasks. Syncfrog users have the ability to convert data from the source application to any SugarCRM object and apply logic-based rules to control how the information is transformed/used. Users can also swap data between systems to form a more in-depth analysis. Syncfrog enhances efficiency for SugarCRM customers by streamlining data transfer. Avoiding duplications by checking to see if lead and contact records exist before creating new ones. Because the functionality is able to detect duplicates, the system will update the existing field rather than creating a new one if one person already exists. As a result, the database stays clean, accurate and detailed and allows the data to be more manageable for users across the organization .