SR Force

Established in 2010, SR Force Shanghai, China, was initially set up to complement SR Force Australia's participation in the CRM arena. It soon developed itself as a key channel partner of SugarCRM Inc. in China. For 3 years, it has successfully deployed SugarCRM 6 and 7 in a variety of organisations operating in China. Although located in Shanghai, half of SR Force's SugarCRM customers are from other Chinese cities such as Beijing, Kunshan and Nantong.
On December 15, 2014, SR Force Shanghai, China, has brought in a new team of open source system deployment experts with more than 15 years' experience designing, developing and deploying business IT systems based primarily on a variety of open source applications in a wide range of industries. The team has brought to the young company a wealth of solid expertise and experiences in helping companies with cost-efficient-best-practice office automation and enterprise resource planning solutions.
Moving on, SR Force Shanghai, China, will be expanding its solution focus to cover the O2O space, putting together business IT applications that will be easy and cost-effective to give support for companies looking at building a successful online presence.