Poker SpA

Poker Spa was born in 1980 and has grown up in a strategic area, very active in North-Western Italy. As Hewlett Packard Partner, Poker developed a powerful ERP, suited to be used by medium-sized enterprises and built on HP3000 system. During the first half of the 90s, as a natural consequence of the ICT technology evolution, Poker entered into a long lasting partnership with Compuware and realized Quasar-X, a new ERP based on client/server technology. In the same period, it became Oracle ISV and adopted Oracle as standard database for all its applications. Quasar-X naturally evolved from a primary software based on functions to a base platform integrated with different process operating softwares and Poker drew up new partnerships with IBM/Cognos (Business Intelligence), AbleTech (DMS) and SugarCRM (CRM). New collaborations are being prepared with Micro Strategy for business intelligence applications on Mobile and with JasperSoft for the realisation of reports from the SugarCRM platform.

Poker software products are working on more than 100 servers in Italy and are used by more than 500 companies. The wide range of services provided goes from software developing to consulting on applications and systems, from network to database administration.