Partner Program FAQs

Becoming a Partner

I want to become part of the SugarCRM family.  Where do I start?

Review the SugarCRM Partner section, learn the various types of partners and eligibility requirements.  If you find that your organization meets the qualification criteria where applicable, submit your application for the type of partnership you are interested in.  Once partnership application is submitted, a SugarCRM representative will be in touch with you to discuss the program that fits your company’s objectives.

Are there different types of SugarCRM Partnerships?

Yes, there are different types of partnerships: OEM, ISV, VAR, Affiliate. To learn more about the various types of partnerships we offer and choose which one is right for you click here.

How do I apply for a SugarCRM Partnership?

To become a VAR partner, click here

To apply for an OEM partner, click here 

To learn more about the ISV program, email 

Due to considerable interest in working with SugarCRM, it may take us a few extra days to respond. We ask for your patience.

I want to embed SugarCRM's commercial product(s) into my solution. What program should we consider? 

If you are interested in an OEM relationship with Sugar Professional or Sugar Enterprise, you may be interested in the Powered by SugarCRM program. Learn more about Powered by SugarCRM program

I want to integrate my software solution or develop an add-on module for SugarCRM's products. Is there a program through which I can do it?

Yes. We offer a set of resources for developing and promoting your solution as a complementary offering to SugarCRM's products. Please start by visiting our commercial marketplace

As a partner, what are the guidelines for using SugarCRM’s branding in association with my company?

Please refer to the Partner Portal for updated guidelines.

Is there a Partnership Agreement that I can review?

Yes. A copy can be made available upon request. Please email us at

Is there a cost to become a partner?

Yes. If you choose to become a SugarCRM VAR Partner Program, there is an annual fee of $3,000 per year.  

Do members of the SugarCRM Partner Program get access to software for internal usage?

Yes. Basic level receive 5 not-for-resale internal use licenses of Sugar Enterprise. (Advanced) level receive 20 not-for-resale internal use licenses of Sugar Enterprise and Elite partners receive 25 not-for-resale internal use licenses of Sugar Enterprise. 


If you are interested in becoming a SugarCRM Partner, please fill out the application below to help us gain a better understanding of who you are and learn more about your interest in SugarCRM.