EndeavorCPQ is about winning. Winning Relationships. Winning Quotes. Winning Deals. Winning Best Practices. Endeavor to Win.

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About EndeavorCPQ

Endeavor is a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) provider with customers around the world, helping companies win more profitable business since 2000. In 2013, Endeavor completed a transition from a Software and Services provider to a SaaS (Software as a Service) company with its cloud offering EndeavorCPQ. Serving global clients with quote configuration, guided selling and branded proposal services, EndeavorCPQ’s products seamlessly integrate with existing CRM (customer relationship management) systems to give sales teams instant, accurate quotes for complex products, with mobile capabilities.

EndeavorCPQ for Sugar

EndeavorCPQ is a Cloud based CPQ (Configure Price Quote) system with deep integration to SugarCRM. EndeavorCPQ guides sales reps and resellers through the selection of the right products at the right price for a specific deal. The application then publishes a quote or proposal that presents the professional brand and messaging that marketing demands. Finally, all data is saved back to a Sugar Opportunity to advance visibility on all deals and improve the level of forecasting that can be done.

Why EndeavorCPQ?

Time and Perfection lead to closing more higher profitable wins. If you are interested in increasing productivity across your organization and empowering your sales channels to deliver perfect quotes and proposals in minutes, then EndeavorCPQ is for you.