Act-On for Sugar

Act-On is a leading provider of integrated marketing automation software, helping thousands of companies to tie inbound, outbound and nurturing programs together.

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About Act-On

Act-On customers achieve superior Return on Marketing Investment by using sophisticated behavioral data to increase engagement throughout the customer lifecycle, reduce the cost of customer acquisition, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Act-On for Sugar

Act-On works seamlessly with Sugar providing a complete closed-loop system for multi-channel lead generation, management, competitive tracking, and revenue contribution.  Act-On automatically updates the contact and lead records in Sugar.

Why Act-On?

Here are some ways that Act-On powers your marketing initiatives:

Turn your Website into a Lead Marketing Machine. See who is on your site right now, what drove them there, and what they're looking at. Act-On helps you transform anonymous website visitors into actionable prospects for your marketing campaigns.

Drive Outbound Demand Generation and Lead Management. Once leads have been captured, use Act-On to nurture those leads, increase lead velocity, and deliver qualified leads to Sales through our native SugarCRM integration.

Maximize Your Online Events and Webinars. Get the most attendees possible for your online events by doing multi-stage, multi-channel event promotion. Deliver the events with coupled with out-of-the box integrations with best-of-breed webinar delivery platforms. Use Act-On to follow-up with registrants and attendees.

Find Out What Is Working and What is Not. In Real Time. Act-On integrates reports from all your marketing channels, and generates rich reports that enable you to invest your time and money where you get the best return, and to eliminate the programs that don't deliver.