CRM for Small Businesses with Big Ideas

Every small business is unique – but they all have one thing in common. Everyone wants to build great customer relationships while growing the business. However, while smaller businesses have large goals, they typically have smaller budgets to help make those goals a reality.

Enter SugarCRM’s solution for small business.

It’s powerful. Flexible. Affordable. Highly rated.

Powerful: Only Sugar offers core sales, marketing and customer support automation in one easy-to-deploy package. And seamless mobility means providing exceptional customer experiences anytime, anywhere.

Flexible: Fast, simple configuration gives your business a custom CRM that provides everyone who faces the customer with the information and tools they need.

Affordable: With Sugar’s low, predictable pricing, you can build a CRM system that supports your big ideas, instead of limiting them. We also don’t tack on any hidden fees, so there’s no surprise come each billing period.

Highly rated: Our CRM software for small business has been rated the highest in customer satisfaction four times by PCMag, receiving the top Net Promoter Score across all major CRM vendors. We were praised for our reliability, tech support services and overall helpful and pleasant customer experience.

Here at Sugar, we understand that you’ve got a lot of competing priorities with your small business – cash flow, competition, staff, productivity, business management and more! A CRM for your small business probably isn’t high on your list of to-dos, but it should be, especially when you consider the benefits it has to offer.

Such benefits of our CRM include:

  • Being able to respond to competition quickly with our agile and flexible process management procedures
  • Helping you differentiate your business in a crowded market with our feature-packed CRM
  • Increasing deal velocity through a streamlined and efficient quote management process
  • Improving existing customer relationships and tracking new customer interactions with CRM reporting of valuable insights
  • Maintaining productivity while on the road, with or without network connectivity because of our mobile CRM solutions
  • Maximising efficiency through automation of typical arduous processes
  • Tailored CRM solutions for your small business with our customization, configuration, integration and deployment features
  • Reduced security risks with the appropriate policies in place

Essentially, our CRM aims to help small business owners maximise their efficiency and productivity, in an affordable and cost-effective manner.

For small businesses with big ideas, we’ll help make them a reality. See why customers voted us #1 for customer service and start your free trial with our CRM for small business today.

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