Case Study: Advanced Business Equipment

Xerox premier partner Advanced Business Equipment increases sales by 10% in three months using SugarCRM

Business Issue

Advanced Business Equipment needed a solution that would make it easier for sales teams to share existing customer information across different parts of the business and help increase cross-selling opportunities.


  • Scalability to support business processes
  • Affordable alternative to Goldmine
  • Flexibility to tailor large telemarketing campaigns
  • Instant view of customer history and profile across sales teams
  • No licensing fees
  • Immediate Response Time For Customer Requests

The Solution: Sugar Professional

Advanced needed a system that could store existing customer data and make it easier for sales teams to share information so they could effectively cross sell hardware, workflow and office supplies. Having this data on-hand would also support the launch of a tailored telemarketing campaign that could attract new business among the company’s 1,000 existing clients. Sugar replaced Goldmine as an affordable and scalable alternative to manage its services team. The installation and migration was handled by one member of staff and took a few days to complete. Sugar partner Enable IT also provided expertise and support.

Business Benefits

  • Highly tailored and successful telemarketing campaigns
  • Reliable incident management system for customer requests
  • Greater visibility of customer data across all sales teams
  • Fast response time for tracking and resolving customer issues
  • Improved efficiency among sales managers


  • Increased sales by 10% in just three months using Sugar
  • Doubled the workflow and service delivery speed
  • Decreased cost of running CRM platform

About Advanced Business Equipment

Advance Business Equipment works with customers to support all their office needs across hardware, workflow and finished printed products through to office supplies. They help them to drive down document and print related costs whilst enhancing productivity. Many of Advanced customers have been with us since we set up our HQ in the West London corridor in 1991. They span small to medium-sized businesses, large corporations as well as high volume print producers across the length of the UK.