Case Study: De gemeente Rijswijk

De gemeente Rijswijk Implementeert een Klant Contact Centrum met SugarCRM

Business Issue

Much of the relevant information for the City of Rijswijk’s Customer Care Centre was held in a disparate array of recent and historic databases and data sources kept locally and nationally. As a result, it was not easy for front-line staff to access the information it required when assisting callers.


  • Centralize information so it could be accessed seamlessly via a single interface
  • Accommodate the city’s existing IT systems
  • Adapt to needs that differed from those of standard businesses

The Solution: Sugar Professional

Having first decided that citizens and local businesses could be viewed as customers with identifiable needs and objectives, municipal executives began searching for a flexible and feature-rich open-source CRM solution and found that Sugar fulfilled both requirements. In addition, they found that Sugar offered an extremely cost-effective solution and were particularly impressed by the ease with which it could be customized to suit their needs.

Business Benefits

  • Enabled staff to answer 80 percent of most citizen questions on first contact
  • Improved accuracy and completeness of data via Sugar’s intuitive interface and easy-to-use data entry process
  • Provided faster access to more complete and in-depth data
  • Increased accountability and tracking capability