UserVoice Technology Integration with SugarCRM Lets Customers Keep Sales and Customer Support in Sync

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SUGARCON 2012 – SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – April 24, 2012UserVoice, the easiest customer service solution on the web, today announced the creation of a new technology integration with SugarCRM, the world’s fastest-growing customer relationship management (CRM) company. The new integration provides bi-directional data sharing between the two systems: customer service in UserVoice is enriched by instant access to sales and account activity from SugarCRM and all customer support requests and customer feedback originating in UserVoice are pushed to SugarCRM in real-time, allowing SugarCRM to capture a complete record of all customer activity. The announcement was made at SugarCRM’s 6th annual SugarCon event, its annual customer, user and partner conference being held April 23-26, 2012 at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California.

The benefits of this new technology integration include:

  • Instant, in-app visibility of sales activity and social profiles from directly within the UserVoice customer support interface. As part of UserVoice’s new Inspector functionality, customer support agents working to answer support requests in UserVoice can instantly see any related sales or account activity from SugarCRM directly inside their UserVoice console via the SugarCRM gadget for Inspector. With Inspector, support agents save an average of over a minute per ticket by not having to switch between multiple systems to get the information they need to provide answers to inbound customer support requests.
  • Real-time syncing of data from UserVoice to SugarCRM. Any customer service interactions (either support tickets or customer feedback) collected in UserVoice are pushed to SugarCRM in real-time, giving companies a complete record of all customer activity in SugarCRM.

“We knew that creating a seamless integration between UserVoice and a CRM application would be a huge benefit for our customers, many of whom are web businesses scaling up quickly. But we’re very picky about whom we build integrations with. We wanted to make sure we picked a CRM solution that matched our customers expectations for high quality and ease of use that they’ve come to expect from UserVoice.” said, Richard White, CEO of UserVoice. “As SugarCRM customers ourselves, the choice was easy, as we knew first-hand that SugarCRM, like our own product, is easy to use and powerfully robust. I’m excited that together we’re providing companies with the highest quality end-to-end solution for taking great care of and understanding their customers at a deeper level.”

“The key to having a successful business is to know your customer,” said, Clint Oram, CTO, VP of product strategy and co-founder of SugarCRM. “The integration between UserVoice and SugarCRM allows users to have access to a complete customer record in real-time so that they can deliver the most positive customer experience possible. We have seen UserVoice achieve great success in using SugarCRM in their own business, and we are very excited that they have created this new integration to extend the benefits of CRM to customers.”

For more information on the technology integration, please visit UserVoice’s page on the UserVoice - SugarCRM integration. Also, please visit booth #100 at SugarCon to see the new integration in action.

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