SugarCRM introduces Sugar Cube

SugarCRM introduces 'Sugar Cube' rack server appliances preloaded with SugarCRM's Open Source CRM System

New Server Appliances Come Preinstalled with Award-Winning Sugar Sales Professional

Cupertino, CA-November 22, 2004- SugarCRM Inc., developer of the world's fastest growing open source customer relationship management application (CRM), has released made-to-order server appliances called Sugar Cubes, that come with the company's award-winning Sugar Sales Professional pre-installed and optimized for fast CRM deployment.

This complete hardware and software solution enables organizations with minimal IT resources to easily implement SugarCRM's enterprise-class, fully customizable visible source sales force automation system and thereby avoid the high licensing fees associated with proprietary CRM software. Sugar Sales Professional costs $239 per user per year, including quarterly updates, patch/fix distributions and technical support.

"The combination of Sugar Cubes and Sugar Sales Professional eliminates the two major barriers to adopting open source software: a fear of implementation problems and the lack of technical support," said John Roberts, CEO of SugarCRM. "This is a turnkey system that dramatically cuts the costs of CRM deployments while delivering complete CRM functionality ranging from lead management and customer tracking to task management, trend analysis and team selling."

Sugar Cubes are available in two versions for smaller and larger companies. The Sugar Cube 1005 is designed for up to 100 users and 1 million data rows, while Sugar Cube 3005 handles up to 400 users and 10 million data rows. Multiple Sugar Cubes can be clustered to boost capacity as the user base expands, allowing multiple machines to work with the same database. Buyers can specify Microsoft Windows, RedHat Linux, or Novell SuSe Linux as the operating platform.

Both Sugar Cube appliances are 1U and fit in a standard 19" rack. Both models come with a DVD player, required software, removable disk drives, and powerful network cards. The 1005 comes standard with two 80GB SATA hard disk drives in a RAID 1 configuration and 1GB of memory. The 1005 also comes with an IP configuration console on the server's front panel for fast integration. The 3005 comes standard with 4 80 GB ultra SCSI hot swappable hard disk drives in a RAID 5 configuration and 2 GB of memory. The amount of memory and the size of the disks can be increased to fit the expected number of concurrent users and estimated level of data traffic. Both the 1005 and 3005 come with dual 10/100/1000 megabit per second network cards.

Prices begin at $4495 for the Sugar Cube 1005 and $7995 Sugar Cube 3005, plus annual license fees. For more information, visit or call (408) 873-9872.

About SugarCRM:
SugarCRM provides commercial open source customer relationship management applications for companies of all sizes worldwide. SugarCRM was founded in 2004 by three Silicon Valley CRM professionals with over twenty years of experience spanning marketing, application design and engineering. The company is headquartered in Cupertino, California and can be reached by email at, or visit the website