New “Email 2 Sugar” Tool Links Emails to CRM so Users Don’t Have to

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Press Release

New SugarCRM plug-in takes the burden of email archiving away from users, to improve CRM quality and accuracy. Loaded Technologies, a customer engagement software consulting firm, has developed a plug-in for SugarCRM called Email 2 Sugar (E2S). The tool automatically links sent and received emails to the right leads, contacts and accounts in SugarCRM, using smart processing. E2S addresses the problem faced by organisations who rely on their users to actively link emails to accounts in CRM.

Out-of-the-box SugarCRM functionality requires users to proactively ‘fetch’ emails and link them to CRM accounts. This process means extra clicks and the need to switch between applications. Time pressures and mistakes can make this process unreliable, and as a result CRM can’t be the “single source of truth”. E2S uses automation and email address matching to make sure every single email related to a CRM lead, contact or account is archived against it. All customer and prospect interactions are automatically stored in near real-time.

“Sales Managers and executives no-longer need to rely on their teams to correctly archive emails. Instead, Email 2 Sugar does this automatically, working continuously in the background,” says Jenni Deslandes, Managing Director at Loaded Technologies. Email 2 Sugar was designed to save time, maintain the integrity of CRM data, and improve responsiveness by giving users access to more information in one place. To learn more about Email 2 Sugar, visit

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