Pricing rules and terminology may vary by product. Please see Product Specific Terms for more information.  

See current SugarCRM Master Subscription Agreement.

Topic Description
2020 Enterprise & Professional Price Changes Effective January 1, 2020, the list price of Sugar Enterprise will be $85 per user per month.
Predictable Pricing SugarCRM gives customers predictable pricing in the form of set annual uplifts applied to the total amount of subscription fees paid in the previous year. The set annual uplifts are:

  • 8% per year for a one-year subscription term
  • 6% per year for a two-year subscription term
  • 4% per year for a three-year or longer subscription term

Annual uplifts are applied on previous year’s total amount of subscription fees excluding deployment incentive or one-time discounts. Annual uplifts are applicable upon each renewal event or on contract anniversary in case of multi-year contracts. Total amount of subscription fees inclusive of annual uplifts are capped at the current list price.

Exceptions include drop in seats or downgrade of edition; customer-initiated partner change request; reducing contacts in the case of Sugar Market; and one-time promotional pricing (e.g. Sugar Sell Essentials to Sugar Sell Advanced promotional discount). Any renewal in which subscription volume decreases (for example but not limited to, reduction of seats, reducing Sugar Market contacts, or downgrading editions) will be priced at list price.

SugarCRM will continue to honor any contractually committed price.

Please note the number of Subscription User seats purchased under an order cannot be decreased during the subscription period applicable to that order.

Renewal Late Order Fee SugarCRM will apply a fee to any renewal order received late by SugarCRM (ie, received after the subscription termination date). The fee is 5% of the renewal amount due to SugarCRM. In the case of direct customers, the fee will be charged to the customer; in the case of indirect customers (customers who purchase Sugar through an authorized partner), the fee is charged to the partner.
Automatic Renewals The initial subscription term of the subscription-based Services continues for the subscription term specified in your subscription order. Unless otherwise stated in your subscription order, your subscription will automatically renew and continue to renew for a term equal in duration to the initial subscription term and with the subscriptions then in effect unless either party gives the other party prior written notice of at least 90 days prior to the expiration of the initial subscription term or renewal term, as applicable.
Managed Storage The Database and File Managed Storage allocations for your SugarCloud instance is based on your product and the number of licensed users. Further details are on this link. Please refer to SugarCloud Insights to view you current usage. It may take 24 hours to reflect your data deletion in SugarCloud Insights. Managed Storage overages will be invoiced automatically each quarter. Please contact your your sales or partner representative if you wish to pre-purchase additional Managed Storage allocation at a discounted price.
Minimum License Count Effective May 26, 2021, the Minimum Subscription Count has been reduced from 10 to 3. Upon any renewal of a Subscription Term, the number of such Subscription licenses cannot drop below the Minimum Subscription Count. Notwithstanding anything to the foregoing, existing Customers beneath the Minimum Subscription Count are not required to purchase additional Subscription licenses to attain the Minimum Subscription Count, but are required to maintain their existing Subscription license count upon renewal.
Contact-Based Pricing for Sugar Market The Sugar Market base package includes 10k marketing contacts. Additional marketing contacts are sold in increments of 10,000 at $150.00/month per 10k increment.