Tox Pressotechnic - Germany Division

TOX PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG is your competent partner for innovative products and solutions in the sheet metal joining industry, press drives and presses. Take advantage of our extensive engineering know-how, a wide range of standard products, and products custom tailored to your application. Our proven pneumohydraulic cylinder TOX-Powerpackage enables reliable and cost effective production, with press forces up to 2000 kN. The alternative high-tech solution for the most demanding tasks is our TOX-ElectricDrive program offering forces up to 400 kN. A wide variety of TOX sheet metal joining methods provides you with unlimited possibilities for product development. Our presses and tongs programs offer solutions suitable for force fit, punching and marking applications. Staff members in 38 countries are ready to assist you anytime providing fast and comprehensive support.

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