Timing is Everything in the Staffing Space

For recruiters and staffing firms, timing is everything. Finding the most qualified candidate to hire means success for you. However, that seems easier said than done. The only way to hire efficiently is with marketing automation that integrates with your existing ATS or CRM. Sugar Market’s native integration with Bullhorn, Jobscience, Talent Rover and other major CRMs equips you with visibility and gives recruiters more visibility into candidate engagement.

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Understand who engages with your website, emails and social posts.


Surface the right candidates at the right time to personalize at scale.


Supercharge your CRM or ATS and quickly place your base.

Achieve Better Timing with Greater Visibility

Using Sugar Market, recruiters can segment prospects within their CRM platform based on preferences, skills, job status, interest and more to send more personalized emails without personal effort. Sugar Market gives you the flexibility to send an email based on a specific event or enroll new candidates in pre-built marketing nurtures to keep your brand top of mind. Candidate journey tracking allows you to understand who is actively exploring opportunities and who is passively searching for positions. Set custom alerts when inactive contacts become active or when candidates open and click your emails.

Native Recruiting and Staffing CRM Integrations

Sugar Market is the only full-featured marketing automation software that integrates with Bullhorn, Talent Rover, and Jobscience CRMs. Keep recruiters and frontline sales teams on the same page with marketing to better understand what is working best to attract the most qualified candidate and clients.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations are fully supported and developed in-house
  • Intuitive iFrame shows candidate and client engagement
  • Two-way sync of key of information on all leads, contacts, candidates and opportunities
The Value of Visibility

Stop wasting time manually searching through your database and social profiles when you can have visibility into who to reach out to and when. Knowing when to connect with prospects allows you to focus your efforts on tailoring experiences for qualified candidates. This ultimately empowers you to get more out of the talent pool, recruiters, and your existing CRM. Gain the value of visibility and get time on your side with Sugar Market.

Why Recruiters and Staffing Firms Need Marketing Automation

Recruiters and staffing firms who work to develop their employment brand further and enhance their marketing strategies can gain a competitive edge in placing candidates faster and retaining clients longer. Sugar Market makes it easy to create recruitment marketing campaigns that convert by providing access to drag-and-drop builders for emails, landing pages, and forms, and the option to use existing templates for even faster campaign creation. Leverage marketing automation for ongoing nurturing and deeper insight into job seekers behavior.

Recruiting and Staffing FAQs

86% of the most qualified candidates for open positions are already employed and not actively seeking a new position. The talent shortage is increasing the importance of timing and candidate experiences, with top candidates being hired in 10 days or less. To combat this, leading recruiting and staffing firms are turning to marketing automation tools, like Sugar Market, to get visibility into engagement and to automate manual tasks.

Marketing automation helps you qualify candidates and clients by effectively driving engagement with them, tracking your campaign performance and analyzing results all in one place. With marketing automation, you can send tailored and personalized emails at scale automatically.

There is a lot of noise around AI, automation and recruitment technology. Cutting through buzz words to understand which technology addresses needs can be deafening.

With marketing automation, you have all of the functionality you need in one place. Drive clients and candidates to landing pages and forms that can be created in minutes, where you can collect their contact information, use tracking to understand their intent, and automatically send them highly targeted emails at scale.

Despite the belief that automation lessens the human element, the visibility that marketing technology provides helps recruiters understand behavior to be more human than ever.

For example, if David A is searching for an IT job in Austin, Texas, he will likely turn to the internet first. A marketing automation tool can help get him to your site instead of a competitor’s. Then you can offer him valuable information—like interview tips—and request his contact information so you can email content to him. Once he fills out a form (which can be created in minutes with marketing automation), your technology will automatically track any of his engagement with your website, social media profiles and emails. You can also send him emails based on this activity, so he’s continually engaging with your brand, and so you’re the first person he remembers when he’s ready for a career change.

While you’re interviewing or placing top talent at scale, your marketing automation platform is doing the manual work of finding the right candidates and proactively alerting recruiters and salespeople when someone is ready to make a career move.

Sugar Market can prove ROI with a single long term placement. 75% of marketers investing in marketing automation see ROI within their first year. It’s a worthwhile investment that pays for itself and maximizes the value of your existing CRM investment.

Interested in learning more about how marketing can help recruiters and staffing firms?