What are your biggest service challenges?

I don’t have a 360 view of my customers

Stop Reacting and Start Predicting
Sugar gives your service teams a complete view of your customers with a single marketing, sales and service solution that integrates with your other systems. Empower your service teams to better understand and predict customer health through visibility into sales activity and history.

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Laptop screenshot of Advanced Workflow Software flowchart in use

Our team workloads aren’t balanced

Get The Right People Talking
Sugar’s customer service CRM system optimizes the distribution of cases across teams. Dynamic workflows route cases to the appropriate agents based on issue priority, team capacity, and agent expertise to optimize efficiency and resolve issues faster.

Organize and bring clear visibility to your business with multiple support queues to segment, track and monitor cases. Sugar’s case routing and assignment workflows synchronize activities across all channels (email, phone, chat, social) to help ensure all support issues are delivered to the right team at the right time with the right level of urgency. Tools like reporting and alerts can help uncover trends and ensure balanced workloads.


Screenshot of self service portal in Sugar CRM

We need to reduce our inbound cases

From Full-Service to Self-Serve
Sugar’s mobile-enabled portal can help reduce the load on your service teams. Empower customers and business partners with self-service tools including a knowledge base to seek advice or find solutions to issues. Portal users can create support tickets, review history and check the status of cases and bugs anytime, anywhere with our customer service CRM.

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Laptop screenshot of dashboard reports

Our satisfaction scores are too low

Make Your NPS A Differentiator
Sugar helps businesses get customer satisfaction levels back on track. With reporting and dashboards, teams can easily monitor customer satisfaction scores, ensure proper response and resolution times, and verify that service-levels are being met across all support channels.

Help boost customer satisfaction by creating customer loyalty and advocacy programs and implement account success plans using configurable templates to help your business be more proactive in delighting customers and delivering optimized CX.

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Our response and resolution times stink

Supercharge Your SLAs
Sugar’s customer support CRM helps service teams ensure they can meet the response and resolution times defined by service level agreements. Support inquiries can inherit initial response times and maximum resolution times from associated account and contract entitlements to ensure all customer issues are handled appropriately. Along with Sugar’s case distribution workflows, managers can ensure cases are delivered to the appropriate teams with the right level of urgency. Dynamic alerts and reports help confirm that support deadlines and milestones are being met and enable managers to proactively manage bottlenecks, resource imbalances or other constraints.

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Screenshot of knowledge base in Sugar CRM software

My operating costs are out of control

Build A World Class Contact Center
Sugar’s open architecture and unlimited access to customer data via REST API’s make it a core platform for creating high-efficiency, future-proof call centers, all with the lowest total cost of ownership. As a composite application, Sugar can unite your IVR and telephony systems, social media channels, predictive analytics, and other tools with native case management and knowledge base capabilities to create a best-of-breed customer support hub all managed under one platform. Leverage these customer service CRM capabilities in conjunction with Sugar’s reporting, security model, and dynamic case management and routing workflows to greatly improve team efficiency, make your business more predictable, and boost customer satisfaction and retention.

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