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As a CX Apprentice, you’re just starting to spread your wings into the world of customer experience and have progress to make before you reach mastery. That’s not to say that you don’t think customer experience is a priority, but it’s new to your organization and you haven’t had the opportunity or resources to hone it yet. Focus on building a solid foundation and culture of customer experience, optimizing your technology, and aligning departments to deliver the customer experience that will set your organization apart from competitors.

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Area Score


This category is how your culture and organization empower employees to excel in customer experience. Improving this area could include training, communicating processes and strategy, and shifting internal thought to be customer-centric.

Map Your Customer Experience Journey
High Priority


What do you do to enable your strategy internally? How do you address customer issues and promote customer experience? This area is directly related to how you implement your customer experience strategy within your organization.

Use Process to Unlock Process
High Priority


How does your internal technology enable customer experience? Do you have the systems in place to support every member of your organization to have a complete customer picture and share information regardless of role? This area is specific to the technological tools you use internally to optimize and create synergy within your organization when it comes to your product or service.

See How Technology Empowers Customer Experience
High Priority

Usability & Adoption

How easy are your systems to use and do they support employees in their day-to-day jobs? This is directly related to the ease of use of technology and processes and how well your organization has adopted those platforms internally.

Overcome Your Customer Experience Roadblocks
High Priority

Data Quality

How well does your organization standardize and catalog data? Relating specifically to your record keeping, data quality determines not only what you know about your customers but how to personalize each interaction, anticipate needs, and create shared internal visibility into your data.

Unlock Your Secret Weapon
High Priority

About the Ranking System

High Priority

This is something within your organization that needs action sooner rather than later because your CX strategy is in jeopardy of hurting customer relationships. Take steps to advance in these areas first before refining other areas of your strategy.

Room To Grow

These are areas of improvement to help you refine your organizational CX strategy and culture. Take the time to find your footing and address them to reach CX mastery and further customer satisfaction.


In these areas, you’re in a good spot. It’s always great practice to keep learning and growing, but you’re making the right decisions in your organization’s journey toward high-definition customer experience.

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