Deliver Next-Generation Customer Experiences

SugarCRM is the first and only CRM platform that enables you to provide a truly high-definition customer experience. With high-definition, you can:

  • View a clear, complete, unfragmented picture of the customer journey—past, present and (accurately, AI-predicted) future
  • Know the customer through instant insights, without manual data entry, human error, and admin frustrations
  • Create marketing campaigns, sales motions, and support resolutions with total confidence

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Sugar Makes CRM Easy

Get Busy Building Relationships

Use our unique time-aware predictive analysis to proactively spot relationships between people, places, and events so customer-facing teams always have the right targeting, outreach, and answers.

Skip the Tedious Tasks

Sellers want to sell. Ditch the data entry and replace it with automation that Sales, Marketing, and Services can rely on to keep customer insights and recommendations up to date.

Insights Without Spreadsheets

Stretch limited or incomplete internal data with AI that continuously augments what you have from leading external sources, and gives you intel into the next best action for most-likely to close deals without pulling a single report.

Stop Settling for Standard Solutions

Standard solutions come with standard limitations. Aim higher with a fully integrated toolset that’s easily customizable to serve up the information you need to pull customers through the sales funnel and into brand advocates.


Give Them Some Sugar

Enough with the “analogue”. Only Sugar gives you the clarity to drive the meaningful, memorable experiences that convert new customers and keep them engaged, with zero wasted effort.

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