Search Capabilities

Sugar makes finding the information you need easy so that you can spend more time acting on information and less time looking for information. With Sugar’s search capabilities, results are at your fingertips.


Global Search

Our global search finds information fast no matter where it’s located in Sugar. With the easy drag and drop interface, your Sugar administrator can designate specific modules—all or just a few—for global search, even custom modules. Modules can be enabled or disabled for global search as business requirements change.


Full Text Search

Full text search lets you find specific text amazingly quickly. With Sugar’s Quick View, you’ll get a preview of search results without leaving the page—we even highlight your search term for you. As with global search, full text search can be configured to search all Sugar modules or only specific modules. You can even enable full text search just on specific fields within a module. Search in Sugar is like search in your favorite search engine: fast, intuitive, and predicable. Sugar search increases your productivity and saves you time.


Search Features

  • Full text search on keywords or partial words
  • Quick View previews search results with the search string highlighted
  • Prioritized results are shown first for the module from which the search is performed, followed by results from other modules
  • Wildcard searches
  • Include a field name in searches to filter results by matches to that field only
  • Show All link displays the full search results from each module in separate panels