Cloud technology: Effective Customer Relationship Management

You have a rich customer database but the Sales performance is too low. Why does it happen? Maybe you forgot something? Some of the customers went to competitors? Or your dealer convenient to work with the same client?

Chaos excel-tables or eternal papers with notes hinders understanding of the situation. Who are your customers? Where did they come from? Where to go?

The main value - information about your customers, accumulated over the years, should be the property of the company.

With the CRM solution Sugar from SugarCRM, you can collect and store all data about clients and customers in a secure database with shared access. The company does not lose the customer at dismissal Sales - all the information about the customer, meetings and transactions is maintained.

This invitation goes out to company directors, supervisors sales and marketing managers and heads of IT departments.

During the meeting, you will learn how to:

- make the costs of business units transparent and organize business activity and monitoring staff;
- create a customer base for the company that becomes a daily helpful tool to the individual seller
- create a source of reports and analytics in many ways for marketers.


Date/Time: July 17, 9:30 - 13:00


Location: Hotel "Metropol", Hall "Tolstoi", Moskau, Theater Way, 2.

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Hotel "Metropol", Moskau