Our Focus

Innovation and Value: SugarCRM is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to our customers at the most attractive value for their investment dollars. Sugar solutions are designed with the individual in mind, empowering users to help create extraordinary customer relationships at every touch point, on any device. Sugar offers clear and simple pricing across a range of editions to meet any business’ needs, without arbitrary limitations or hidden fees.

SugarCRM Reseller and System Integrator Partner Application

Thank you for your interest in partnering as a reseller or system integrator with SugarCRM. To better understand your business, please open an inquiry below:

Company Information

Primary Contact Information

Business Profile

1. Where does a majority of your revenue come from? (Must equal 100%)*

2. Where will you primarily offer your services?*

3. What is your company’s annual revenue?*

CRM Go To Market Strategies

1. Please Specify the industries you target*

2. What CRM partnerships do you have?*

3. Do you currently resell software? If so, please specify.*

4. What size companies do you target? (Select all that apply)*

CRM Expertise

1. Number of years organization has been selling CRM solutions?*

2. What CRM System do you use internally?*

3. How many employees are focused on your CRM business?*

4. Do you have software development expertise, and if so, which environments/languages?

Please clarify other (if applicable)

5. How do you support pre-sales engagements? (Select all that apply)

Please clarify other (if applicable)

6. What types of post-sales skilled resources do you deploy? (Select all that apply)

7. Who are your top 5 customers? What projects did you do for them? (Please provide details and any transformational aspects)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Established CRM/ Technology practice with verifiable customer references.
  • Existent potential CRM customer pipeline
  • Experienced CRM consulting and implementation staff
  • Ability to commit and deliver on a revenue target
  • A minimum of two dedicated sales and marketing resources
  • Strong fit between SugarCRM’s On-Site and Open Cloud applications and Partner’s service
  • Strong overlap between SugarCRM’s and Partner’s target audience or customer base
  • Ability to self-maintain a pipeline of customers
  • Completion of VAR Partnership agreement
  • Customer references
  • Meet the minimum SugarCRM certification requirement as it pertains to each Partner level