You’re focused on results, and you’re always keeping that top-of-mind for your marketing team.

It’s easy for marketers to get distracted by exciting campaign ideas and quickly move to the next, but you’re able to keep everyone focused on what really matters: What’s working, according to the numbers. You understand that marketing tools and tactics are constantly evolving, and you’re always keeping an eye on evergreen programs and new campaign launches to see where performance-based optimizations are needed. You understand the importance of keeping up with marketing trends, but what you’re really interested in is discovering what is just a fad and what is actually working. Make sense of the clutter and get past analysis paralysis with the recommended tools and resources below.

Marketing Technologies
  • CRM that integrates with other tools for comprehensive reporting (Sugar Sell) so you can ensure you’ve got a clear, high-definition view of your customer
  • Marketing Automation with included reporting and native CRM integration (Sugar Market) to understand which campaigns are performing and where optimizations are required
  • AI and Time-Aware Revenue Analytics (Predictive Forecasting) to understand what’s likely to work, and where your customers are now
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