Supercharge Sales with an Intelligent CRM

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  • Personalize your dashboard and visualize your most crucial information.
  • Access 360 views of your accounts, contacts and opportunity data.
  • Discover how predictive sales intelligence can help you identify opportunities most likely to close and plan for success.
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Large Sales Teams Prefer Sugar

Enhance Productivity

Easily customise workflows, automate renewals, and minimise busy work with a platform that helps you automate anything.

Improve Win Rates

Access sales intelligence insights, uncover cross-sell/upsell recommendations, and use built-in AI to understand the opportunities that are most likely to close so you can accelerate every deal.

Simplify Your CRM

Experience the world’s most flexible and customisable CRM – without all the add-ons and overages. Focus on what matters and anticipate what’s next.


Increase in Revenue


Improved Win Rate


Pipeline Volume

“Our organization has a lot of unique needs, so the biggest selling points for us were Sugar’s ease of extensibility and value delivered relative to cost.

Interview by Nucleus Research

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

Capitalize on an intelligent CRM that improves your sales productivity while increasing deal sizes and skyrocketing win rates, ultimately growing your business to new, exciting heights.

Want Long-Term Success? Just Add Sugar.

Amid rapid expansion, Star2Star Communications was able to establish a 360-degree customer view, fortify partner relationships through a comprehensive hub, accelerate order processing, and obtain valuable insights for product development.


Unlock Sales Potential with the World’s Most Loved CRM

Elevate your sales strategy, close deals faster, and build lasting customer connections with Sugar Sell’s cutting-edge CRM solution.

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