More Preventative Action. Less Corrective Action.

Make it easy to find critical information and proactively serve customers using Sugar Serve. With Serve, you let the platform do the work which means:

  • No blind spots—Understand customer sentiment and act appropriately.
  • No busy work—Automatically capture data and present it in context when you need it.
  • No roadblocks—Reach Sugar support however you need, and integrate with the tools you work within daily.

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Fewer Fumbled Hand-Offs. Less Scrambling to Resolve Complaints.

Find More Resolutions
with Less Searching

Ditch the data entry and replace it with automation to keep customer insights and recommendations up to date. See all relevant communications, case history, and related knowledge in a single view to efficiently find answers.

Let The Platform
Route The Cases

Save precious time and keep true to SLA requirements by automatically routing cases based on customer SLA, agent availability, and call center location.

Let The Good
Reviews Roll

Unique AI-based predictive analysis proactively spots relationships between people, places, and events, and leverage AI-powered omnichannel features so Services can quickly and confidently address concerns.

Make Customers

Standard solutions come with standard limitations. Aim higher with a fully integrated toolset that’s easily customizable to serve up the information you need to turn customers into brand advocates.


Increase in Revenue


Improved Win Rate


Pipeline Throughout


Give Them Some Sugar

Only Sugar gives you the clarity to drive the meaningful, memorable experiences that convert new customers and keep them engaged, with zero wasted effort.

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