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Industry Financial Services
Location Mexico City, Mexico


Replace a 10-year-old homegrown financial system with a custom-built, state-of-the-art application based on processes and integrated with an agile CRM that can cover daily operations and the complete sales cycle, from opportunities to receivables.

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Sugar Enterprise, with integrations to the new custom-built application for electronic files, credit scoring, as well as business intelligence and enterprise resource planning, used by 100 percent of the sales team.

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  • 3x annual growth
  • 60 percent increase in application-processing efficiency
  • Cleaner, more objective data on key performance indicator


Publicly traded financial services firm that is the largest leasing company in Latin America, providing leasing and factoring loans. The company leases virtually anything, from automobiles and industrial machinery to ships and aircraft.

Financial Services Company Unifin Puts its Money on Sugar

Success comes with its own set of challenges.

Managing growth and empowering teams to drive more sales were critical hurdles for Unifin, a maturing, publicly held company.

The Mexico City-based firm, which sells lines of credit for equipment and vehicle leasing, had outlived its 10-year-old homegrown customer relationship management system and wanted an enduring platform that could manage end-to-end processes, automating and optimizing the lead-to-billing cycle for prospects and customers.

“We chose Sugar because we could implement it out of the box and have everything in one place,” says CIO Robert Amper. Integrating with the old client-server technology still being used on the operations side of the business was important, but Unifin implemented Sugar primarily to increase sales and learn more about its customers.

“We needed to do better with sales generally, and some of that was about improving our time on our loan processing; it was taking almost up to a week,” Robert says.

After implementing Sugar, loans were processed in 48 hours, and Unifin tripled monthly sales.

“Without Sugar and this digital transformation, it would be difficult to sustain that growth,” says Robert. “Sugar is a very important part of controlling the processes and getting things done, so that we can continue growing.”

Empowering staff and understanding the customer journey

Two other factors contributed to Unifin’s rapid growth: a better understanding of customers and more information on sales flowing towards upper management to make better decisions.

“Because all our customer information is in Sugar, we can give all our users — upper management, the main office and the 10 branches – all the information to have a complete process from beginning to end. Because they can see all the customer information, they can make better decisions,” Robert says.

Sugar’s customized report options, easily configured dashboards, and the ability to embed other BI solutions into Sugar, help the teams see the entire customer picture.

Whether it is identifying a customer’s use patterns or anticipating needs and looking to add value, the Sugar-painted customer image provides the sales team with key, actionable information.

And it improves customer service, which never can be undervalued.

“The customer journey changed a lot for us with Sugar. Now we can give the customer more information, be more accurate in telling the customer where he is in the process and when he will get his lease finalized,” Robert says.

Making the CRM Choice

Unifin’s transition from legacy spreadsheets to a CRM wasn’t without difficulty.

It initially looked at Sugar, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Unifin implemented Salesforce briefly, but quickly saw the platform had hidden costs and wasn’t easily adaptable to Unifin’s needs. “Salesforce was difficult to integrate and not easy to implement. Microsoft Dynamics was poorly implemented around the legacy system and gave no additional value to Unifin. In the end, we could see there was a higher value in Sugar,” Robert says.

Maximizing the Value of Sugar

As Unifin moves forward with Sugar, Robert is looking to take advantage of Sugar’s agile mobile platform for his distributed sales team.

He anticipates integrating data from the Mexican Credit Bureau, potentially shaving more time off credit application approvals and enhancing sales.

At the end of the implementation and integration process, a new Unifin CRM will emerge, which the company is naming UNI2.


  • Activiti: Business Process Management.
  • Alfresco: Enterprise Content Management; houses customer documentation, such as identification and financials, needed to evaluate the credit application
  • Drools: Business rules management system
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: ERP
  • MuleSoft: Enterprise service bus connecting applications, data and APIs


  • Customized Accounts to include special information, such as leasing financials, relationships and lines of credit
  • Created a module that shows forecast sales, as well as committed sales for current month
  • Sales and Operations Modules modified to include KPI tracking