A global company, Tyson Foods traces its roots back over 80 years. Its core sales channels are mainly B2B, and include well-known brands such as AdvancePierre, Hillshire Farm, Ball Park, Jimmy Dean and Sara Lee, as well as restaurants and supermarkets.

Building on its existing success, the company wanted to further develop the B2C arm of the business as part of its sales outreach, which sparked the search for the right CRM platform to support their ambition.

Having inherited several CRM systems through various different acquisitions, leading to increased complexity, Tyson Foods needed a CRM that was simple enough to encourage staff to make the most of it, but that was also comprehensive enough to facilitate collaboration across teams and be used on mobile devices.

Tyson Foods’ IT Director Christopher Poland explains the predicament: “We have a history of buying technology that never gets adopted. If I couldn’t put something extremely usable in the hands of an analog guy, it wasn’t going to get used.”

15% decrease in time spent pulling weekly pipeline updates

So, what made Tyson Foods choose SugarCRM?

Its ease-of-use! Put simply, they knew they could get people to use it.

Tyson designated the vice president of field sales operations as its CRM executive sponsor.

“I stood up a different CRM system – before I came to Tyson – and it never caught on,” says Marty Madsen, the field sales VP. “Here, the support we had from all executives and departments is what drove the success.”

It helped that the CEO was that enamoured he had Sugar – which the company calls “Accelerator” – loaded on his devices.

“That’s a huge motivator when you can tell people he’s going to be in the system looking at whether you are using it,” Marty says.

Christopher Poland picks up the conversation: “The number one item on our list was user experience. CRM is one of those business processes that you want people to adopt but they don’t have to; they can still get their job done without it. We felt like that was one of the major differentiators between Sugar and other platforms.”

Looking to the Future

Thanks to the partnership, Tyson Foods is heading towards its expansion goals and SugarCRM is helping Tyson’s sales team to easily access the essential data they need, right when they need it.

Christopher Poland explains it:

“It’s like when you throw on a light switch; you don’t think about the flow of electricity or the plant that made the power, you just expect the light to come on. And, if it isn’t mobile, then we just wouldn’t give it the time of day.

“SugarCRM delivered on simplicity, providing robust, insightful data in a mobile environment, while the graphical results on-screen were far better than we had seen elsewhere.”

SugarCRM has helped Tyson Foods address all 115 bespoke business requirements, providing the high-quality graphics and data they needed so the teams can access deeper insights.

The technology has also been well received by Tyson Food’s employees, while the Senior Sales Director alone reported a 15% decrease in time spent pulling weekly pipeline updates from five directors and 52 sellers.

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