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Industry Software, Technology
Location Weingarten, Germany


To maintain its loyal customer base and increase productivity, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK needed to strengthen customer relations with relationship-oriented marketing campaigns. While Its SAP system provided financial, purchasing and production tools, the company required a comprehensive, scalable CRM solution that could bolster its sales and marketing initiatives and provide a clear, standardized structure for use across eighteen countries. Easy integration with the company’s SAP system was another key consideration.

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TOX PRESSOTECHNIK chose SugarCRM based on its flexibility, ease of use and support for integration. With the help of Sugar gold level solutions partner MyCRM, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK began a phased approach to its worldwide implementation of Sugar Professional in 2007. With Sugar’s intuitive user interface and ability to support multiple languages, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK rapidly deployed Sugar to over one hundred sales employees in eighteen countries.

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  • Reduced manual processes and increased transparency
  • Unified and improved sales processes
  • Generated standard reports within minutes
  • Increased visibility into sales productivity
  • Improved performance tracking

TOX PRESSOTECHNIK specializes in press engineering technology and provides innovative solutions for press drive systems, sheet metal joining and assembly equipment. With a large manufacturing and distribution network in over 38 countries, the company’s commitment to service and quality has allowed it to gain a global presence. It offers sheet metal joining technology for a variety of automotive, household, and industrial products. TOX PRESSOTECHNIK customers include major international corporations and their suppliers in the automotive and household goods industries.

Business Benefits

Since implementing Sugar Professional, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK has reduced manual processes and increased transparency. Seamless integration of Sugar with SAP enables easy exchange of customer and product information. Both solutions can access all relevant data, which simplifies the end-user experience. By integrating its business processes with opportunity management, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK has gained efficiency and improved its sales processes.

In a very short time, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK unified its sales processes and introduced a standardized reporting system. With the data stored in Sugar, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK can generate sales reports within minutes that deliver detailed visibility into its sales productivity and improve performance tracking.

SugarCRM has become an integral component of the TOX PRESSOTECHNIK organization. Managing Director of Sales at TOX PRESSOTECHNIK, Dr.-Ing. Hinrich Dohrmann explains, “As for Sugar I especially appreciate the traceability, completeness and liability. Sugar critically analyses by means of workflows and thus makes all operations transparent and predictable.”


  • Ease of integration with SAP
  • Scalability
  • Sales support for lead generation and quote estimates
  • Case management

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