Imagine being one of the largest national building solutions companies. You supply everything needed for completing complex building projects and have been trusted as a leader in the industry for over 75 years now. Within your business, you have three distinct business divisions serving various market niches. 

But all customer communications are still manually processed, and you heavily rely on Excel spreadsheets and shared email inboxes to keep track of customer communications. Your three business divisions struggle with tedious follow-ups due to the lack of automation and transparency. Your divisions share no common ground for communications, which complicates customer interactions tremendously. 

Enter SugarCRM. Implementing a robust CRM means you can have a single source of truth for all your divisions and confidently carry out customer communications without creating conflict between divisions. You discover that you can customize and adapt the CRM to your business needs. In the long run, this helps you consolidate all customer information in a transparent and easy-to-access fashion. 

Now, all three divisions operate flawlessly and communicate efficiently. You can keep track of all your project’s communications, and reporting has never been easier. Not only that, but your teams can access all that data on the run without having to desperately search for data. A dream came true, isn’t it? 

Industry Construction
Location Galt, CA