Case Study: Novalto

Novalto Improves Sales Productivity By More Than 150 Hours Per Week with SugarCRM

Business Issue

Novalto has a team of 110 employees, of which about 60 are sales reps. To help with the task of marketing their services and maintaining customer loyalty, the teams used the INES CRM solution, but it was inflexible and expensive to scale.


  • Deliver a 360-degree, real-time view of customer records
  • Integrate with internal systems and outside services
  • Reduce costs

The Solution: Sugar Professional

Sugar delivered the flexibility, scalability, and ease of customization that Novalto required at an attractive price. Novalto then brought in Captivea, a SugarCRM partner, which implemented the Sugar solution in three months, including integrations with Compiere, Novalto’s ERP system; the Altares-Manageo corporate data service; Corporama, a data aggregation service; and Google Maps.

Business Benefits

  • Enables the sales organization to precisely monitor business in progress
  • Delivers significant time-savings and productivity gains
  • Provides fast access to data on third-party data


  • Eliminated 30 hours per day in unproductive prospecting
  • Reduced duplicate data entry from the ERP system by 100 percent