Case Study: MIAG

MIAG Profits by Linking CRM to Supply Chain Finance

Business Issue:

MIAG extends parent company METRO AG’s credit rating to suppliers through a service called supply chain financing. Before MIAG had a CRM system, each salesperson kept his own Excel spreadsheet to keep track of which suppliers had accepted contracts and to perform revenue projections based on the Excel data. But as economic uncertainty made MIAG’s sales process more complex, the company needed to know how many suppliers it was meeting and monitor the kinds of messages that worked best to promote sales. For this MIAG, needed to move beyond spreadsheets.


  • Meet corporate governance requirements with an on-premise solution
  • Eliminate reliance on spread sheets
  • Bring discipline to the sales process
  • Improve reporting
  • Streamline communication with suppliers and bank partners

The Solution:

Sugar Enterprise MIAG first considered, but a favorable mention of SugarCRM in a Wall Street Journal article led the company to evaluate and ultimately choose Sugar. MIAG wanted to host its CRM solution internally and Sugar’s flexibility was a big selling point. During the evaluation phase and subsequent implementation, the company worked with Aoba, a Sugar solution partner.

Business Benefits:

  • Creates a more focused sales process
  • Accelerates issue resolution for client services
  • Streamlines and improves email marketing, lead follow-up, and opportunity management
  • Automatically approves deals with established guidelines
  • Ensures access to accurate pricing, which protects operating margins
  • Tightens tracking and management of partner bank activity