Case Study: iQom Business

A German-based ISP provider and innovator of data and voice connectivity, data center and internet security solutions for business customers that went beyond the limits of CRM using Sugar Professional as a platform to create an intuitive system with vertical solutions that supports business development and growth -deployed by SugarCRM partner PSTech.

Business Issue:

iQom Business is a growing company that needed a centralized yet scalable CRM system that was open and flexible enough to expand its capabilities while supporting company growth. This required heavy customizations and integration with other systems to provide automation in key, network-wide business processes.


  • Decentralized customer information leading to loss of customer data integrity.
  • Inefficient order management/service provisioning process for inventory control and tracking.
  • Unable to customize across several customer-facing departments.


  • Sugar Professional has gone beyond the scope of traditional CRM to be highly customized and used as a platform for building a vertical solution that now supports order management automation, and service provisioning.


  • Sugar's ease of customization provided streamlined order management processes for efficient inventory control and tracking.
  • Engineering point-of-sale to product delivery processes are now completely automated.
  • Quote and contract turn-around time reduced.
  • Customer Service enhanced with Sugar's integration into customer portal