Case Study: Geovariances

A French-based software and professional services turns to SugarCRM partner Synolia for a 360-degree view of their customers

Business Issue:

Geovariances management required a 360-degree view of the customer lifecycle, from marketing through until sales and support


  • The company's in-house developed product and support management was siloed from the sales management software used by the sales force
  • Find a CRM solution that was scalable to grow and flexible enough to be tailored around Geovariances business processes


  • Geovariances selected Sugar Enterprise over as the competition was 40 percent more expensive
  • Sugar Enterprise was deployed and customized by SugarCRM partner Synolia in less than 4 months
  • Ability to deploy Sugar Enterprise on-site for data security and have no limit in terms of data volume per user
  • Open source architecture and module design meant Sugar Professional could be easily customized and integrated to support business processes more efficiently


  • A 360-degree view of customers for management across sales, marketing and customer support
  • Improved sales workflow and efficiencies thanks to improved billing and invoicing in Sugar Enterprise
  • Geovariances has improved its lead-to-sales processes through the automation of marketing campaigns and lead management and by tying marketing into sales
  • Improved case management for customer support


  • Geovariances and Synolia used Studio and Module Builder to create 4 new modules, including an "Assets" module to describe different software which is sold by Geovariances
  • A "Servers" module serves customer and product information in regards to different servers that Geovariances sells
  • A "Stocks" module stores different licenses and serials distributed with software to customers
  • A "Contracts" module was created to manage contracts between information stored in the "Servers" module and "Assets" module.
  • Geovariances has also introduced specific workflows to automate the flow of information between the "Assets" module and opportunities and to calculate and auto-populate fields automatically.