Case Study: Cogburn Law

Cogburn Law Offices Cuts Lead Conversion Time by 60 Percent with SugarCRM

Business Issue:

Founded by Jamie Cogburn and headquartered in Las Vegas, Cogburn Law Offices operates in 38 states, offering primarily loan modification, short sale, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and personal injury services. When Cogburn Chief Software Architect Toby Dziubala arrived in March of 2011, the firm had already purchased Sugar but was primarily using three other solutions to manage the firm’s business. Cogburn Law Offices wanted to transform Sugar into a platform that consolidated and supported everything the firm did, from pursuing leads and closing opportunities to managing cases in every area of the firm’s operations.


  • Deliver a cost effective platform to support all operations
  • Offer flexibility and ease of customization
  • Enable non-technical staff to become proficient with minimal training

The Solution: Sugar Professional

Before implementing Sugar for the sales team, Dziubala built custom modules to manage every area of case law handled by Cogburn Law. As the work progressed, the firm eliminated its use of other applications. The firm rolled out its loan modification functionality in only 45 days.

Business Benefits:

  • Supports all Cogburn Law operations
  • Streamlines and improves case management processes
  • Provides fast and effective analysis and reporting
  • Enables managers to identify and address process bottlenecks
  • Encourages full user adoption with simple, intuitive interface


  • Rolled out its loan modification functionality in only 45 days
  • Reduced lead conversion time by 60 percent—from 45 to 18 days
  • Eliminated the need for three point solutions