Case Study: CCA Group a.s.

Thanks to Sugar Professional, the Czech IT Service Provider CCA Group a.s. boasts perfect customer management and enjoys new sales opportunities.


  • Implementing Sugar for sales optimization and improved sales.
  • Creating a uniform database in the area of sales.
  • Creating a central data platform for the collection and processing of customer data. Simplified evaluation of acquired data.
  • Creating a uniform database so that data in the sales department would become easier to understand and follow. For example: Which employee is involved in what project at any point of the project? What new sales opportunities are opening up? With the new structures, all work processes were meant to be shortened and monitoring of the most recent status of customers and of the market was to be improved. The sales department would therefore receive customer-specific information faster. For example: Who is the customer? What product is the customer interested in? Is a separate market strategy needed in order to make it easier to sell a product?


  • Implement SugarCRM for optimizing sales and improving sales monitoring.
  • Create a uniform database in the sales department, a central database for the collection and processing of customer data
  • Simplify evaluation of acquired data.

The Solution:

CCA Group a.s. was looking for an even more effective solution in the areas of customer relations and customer loyalty management. Every employee and every manager should be able to get an overview of any customer within a short time and should always be fully informed about the status quo of a business relationship. For example: “What meeting dates are coming up?” “Which employee is involved in what customer order?” A data pool containing this kind of information has to be locally accessible to members of the sales and marketing staff on the spot, both simultaneously and independently. CCA Group a.s. chose Sugar Professional because this solution best met the desired requirements, i.e. clearer structures and a database covering all departments – all at an excellent price/performance ratio. Furthermore, the solutions by Sugar are characterized most notably by their ease of use via the internet. The solutions by Sugar help their users document customer relationships with other organizations and contact persons centrally. Having modules such as Contact Persons, Organizations, Offers, Notes, Phone Calls, Meetings and Tasks, as well as the possibility of evaluating information statistically meant that Sugar Professional was the perfect solution for CCA Group a.s. In addition, Sugar Enterprise offers workflow automation as well as access control mechanisms. These features optimize information flow in the corporation and ensure the protection of confidential data. Another advantage is access to Sugar partners and to the support team. CCA Group is more than happy with the choice. Sugar is now the data platform at CCA Group. All changes added within the system are reconciled and updated using SugarCRM. Within a very short time SugarCRM has become an integral part of CCA Group a.s.. The entire project was completed in the span of only three months.


With the help of SugarCRM system solutions, CCA Group a.s. employees can react to the needs of their customers in a flexible way and always maintain a perfect overview. Immediately after the system is implemented, employees can view all relevant information. For example: “What meetings are coming up?” “What exactly is the e-mail history?” “Is there a need for a special marketing initiative?”

The solutions by SugarCRM enable the employees of CCA Group a.s. to add more transparency and effectiveness to its sales processes. Steps in the work process can now be viewed and traced in detail. Based on data collected by SugarCRM, comprehensive evaluation is now possible. For example: What is the status quo of a particular sales process? Which employee is in the middle of what processing activity and where can individual documents be found? What new sales opportunities are available?