Case Study: Bitdefender

Bitdefender Improves Customer Engagement, Sales And Marketing With SugarCRM

Business Issue

As a rapidly growing company, Bitdefender wanted to improve its customer support processes. Instead of different systems for each local office that included email and Excel, Bitdefender required a centralized solution that could support business activities, deliver clear internal communication, increase pipeline visibility and provide more accurate business analytics.


  • Drive lead generation through targeted marketing
  • Enable follow-up tracking
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Provide reliable, on-demand mobile capabilities

The Solution: Sugar Professional

After careful consideration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP, Salesforce and NetSuite, Bitdefender chose Sugar as a customizable and cost-effective solution. Sugar also offered accessible, professional support for Bitdefender’s unique requirements. Around 100 members of the Bitdefender team use Sugar in sales, sales support, administration, presales, customer care, marketing and training.

Business Benefits

  • Drove significant business growth
  • Improved customer service and enhanced customer response tracking
  • Raised the effectiveness of email marketing
  • Decreased the need for manual data entry via automated data updates
  • Reduced misdirected marketing efforts and their cost