Case Study: Advanced Glazings Ltd.

Sugar Professional™ Goes Beyond ROI at Advanced Glazings Ltd.

Business Issue:

As a growing company, Advanced Glazings required a CRM solution that could support its opportunity-centric business model as well as evolve to support its growth. It knew that finding and implementing the right CRM solution was a make or break endeavor that would bring Advanced Glazings' business to the next level.


Advanced Glazings chose SugarCRM over Microsoft CRM and and has been going strong for three years running. Sugar Professional provides Advanced Glazings the flexibility and openness to perform high-level customizations to track, monitor and maintain and report on the finest details of its customer interaction.


Sugar Professional's ease of use has allowed for full adoption of the solution across Advanced Glazings' sales organization. A translucent business with an extremely focused and efficient sales organization.

Ability to maintain highly detailed metrics within Sugar that allows its management team to close gaps, move quickly and recognize emerging markets.

A sophisticated approach to sales that drives

Advanced Glazings business to the next level.