Where We Meet the Moment

Where We Meet the Moment

In a $35 billion dollar industry, something isn’t working. Traditional CRM is leaving businesses behind, lacking the capability that users need to take their businesses to the next level and unable to provide the experiences their customers demand. We wanted to learn more about what sales professionals are thinking. To understand more, we partnered with an independent firm to survey 1,000 sales professionals from companies using a wide range of traditional CRM systems for our first CRM and Sales Impact Report. The results we found not only confirmed what we knew about the market but revealed more than we expected.

The report reveals some stark findings regarding traditional CRMs, namely that 52% of sales leaders feel that their CRM is actually costing them revenue. It also reaffirms that sales remain burdened by the administrative lift of CRM, spending only 54% of their time selling. Businesses want to be empowered by their technology platforms, a finding reinforced by the response of sales leaders who feel like they aren’t supported by their CRM vendors.

This status quo is not only creating a gulf between businesses with their customers but is also driving a customer relationship crisis – ironic for software that touts relationships at its core. But the solution is here too: Allowing sales to focus on building relationships rather than maintaining data, searching for insights in reports, or focusing on administrative work is a game-changer. Yes, technology will never replace the human connection needed when it comes to selling effectively but it can enable it and that’s where SugarCRM is meeting the moment

Where We Meet the MomentIt’s time to put CRM to work. 

It’s time to drive performance and predictability for your reps and for your business. 

It’s time to help your sales teams do more without having to do it all themselves. 

It’s time to create the kind of high-definition customer experience your business needs and your customers crave. 

And it starts right here, at Sugar.

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Clare Dorrian As SugarCRM’s chief marketing officer, Clare Dorrian is responsible for overseeing the company’s overall integrated marketing strategy. She leads the customer marketing, revenue generation, product marketing, and marketing operations teams. Clare is a results-oriented, creative and passionate marketing professional with a record of driving customer acquisition as well as brand and market awareness working for B2B software companies of various sizes. Highly motivated and known for her energy and commitment to teamwork, she prides herself on inspiring marketers to create real-world results that are good for business and good for customers. While born and bred in the UK, Clare currently resides in San Francisco. She holds an MA with Honors from Glasgow University.