What Can Your Dog Teach You About Relationships?

Who doesn’t love coming home after a long day at work – greeted by a friendly bark, enthusiastic jump up your legs, and a warm, welcoming lick across your face by your favorite four-legged friend?

Did you know that this Saturday (August 26) is National Dog Day?

To honor this very important “holiday,” as part of a Sugar Insiders challenge, we posed a question to our Insider community: what has your dog (or other pet) taught you about relationships?

While pets may not be able to communicate with us through words, we can learn so much from them about the world and how we’re connecting with it… See some of the insiders’ responses below, along with adorable pictures of their animal companions:



“To be playful…”

Pet(s): Brownie and Bessie

Owner/ Insider: Donna E.






“For the record, my kids’ pet. Patience, kindness and proper approach pays dividends in the end. You can even teach a guinea pig tricks!”

Pet(s): Bubba

Owner/ Insider: Craig S.









“Love a lot. Stay loyal.”

Pet(s): Chip

Owner/ Insider: Melissa C.








“My dog Dos has taught me to always greet everyone that comes through the door like my best friend! It’s starts off every connection well and makes the people I care about feel loved.”

Pet(s): Dos

Owner/ Insider: Katie L.








“She has taught me that you are never too tired or sleepy to greet your best friend. A fews stretches makes all the difference!”

Pet(s): Ginger (GiGi, Foo Bucket, Little Pal, Bunny girl)

Owner/ Insider: Katie G.











“Loyalty and cuteness overload!”

Pet(s): Gucci

Owner/ Insider: Niegel L.









“Unconditional love exists”

Pet(s): Indiana (Indy)

Owner/ Insider: Paul K.










“Take time to smell the roses.”

Pet(s): Keegan

Owner/ Insider: Kevin R.










“No matter how bad a day you have had, when you see your family and friends, leave everything at the door. Give them pure unconditional LOVE!!”

Pet(s): Louie

Owner/ Insider: Brett T.








“Max unites our family with his quick forgiving attitude and melting, soft stare.”

Pet(s): Max

Owner/ Insider: Kristjan M.






“She’s very dog like (note squeaky plush toy). She’s taught me to not sweat the small stuff. She hits her head, falls down the stairs or off the couch and just gets back on her feet and keeps going like nothing happened.”

Pet(s): Minx

Owner/ Insider: Kimberly W.






“She teaches the whole family about companionship.”

Pet(s): Miss Kitty

Owner/ Insider: Davis H.







“Be good to the people you are with, even if they’re not your favorite.”

Pet(s): This is Mya, at my daughter’s wedding this June, Our Yorkie, which claims my daughter more than me now is spoiled rotten. But still hangs with me when my daughter is not around.

Owner/ Insider: Mike L.









“River is my favorite pet; he’s taught me that dogs are far less challenging – but relationships blossom when you are actively engaged with your kids or pets.”

Child: River

Parent/ Insider: Robin K.








“That love is the greatest renewable resource. No matter how much our little guy grows and gives away… he always has more. 🙂 “

Pet(s): Ruger

Owner/ Insider: Kelly D.








“They are family, even though he’s gone, he will forever be in my heart. Miss him always.”

Pet(s): Smalls (As in You’re killin’ me Smalls)

Owner/ Insider: Linda G.












“Learn more from how a person smells then how they look 😉 “

Pet(s): SnickerDoodle

Owner/ Insider: Dawn R.









“Never give up. Sparky believes that at every moment of every day, food will magically fall from the sky into his mouth. No matter how many moments of every day that hasn’t happened, he still firmly holds on to hope that this moment will be the one where the all you can eat buffet will magically appear.”

Pet(s): Sparky

Owner/ Insider: Shana S.






“Tully was a dachshund w a big bark. He taught me even if you are small you can have a big impact.”

Pet(s): Tully

Owner/ Insider: Myka W.






“We both have different worlds, but benefit from each other from our own perspective.”

Pet(s): Turbo (it’s a hamster)

Owner/ Insider: Harold M.









“It’s the little things that can sometimes have the most impact on a relationship.”

Pet(s): Tyson (our late pup, we miss him!)

Owner/ Insider: Brie R.









“Stay spunky and have fun!”

Pet(s): Zoe

Owner/ Insider: Nick R.





What has your dog or pet taught you about relationships?

Comment below, and share your photos on our Facebook Page!

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