Important “Sugar Tools” Sessions at SugarCon 2017

In our previous post, Six Sessions to Get Excited for at SugarCon 2017, we told you about several “not to miss”-sessions at SugarCon with key takeaways for achieving better CRM adoption and getting insights into your organization.

Here, we’ll highlight several very useful sessions on how to get the most out of your Sugar tools:


Key Sessions to Attend:


1)  Advanced Workflow (Great for Admins)

When: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2017, 1:30 PM

Sugar’s Advanced Workflow gives users the power to automate any process – from the mundane to the highly complex. In this session, you’ll get presented several recent and upcoming Advanced Workflow features, as well as learn some best practices for common use cases.

Important “Sugar Tools” Sessions at SugarCon 2017


2) Increase CRM Insights with Greater Data Scope, Quality and Modern Integration

When: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2017, 3 PM

Customer interactions are defined by more than just your CRM system. There are accounting processes, sales automation, field services, and even different mobile apps where orders might come through. There’s no shortage of business applications, cloud services and social media sites that touch your customers.

To optimize your customer interactions, Sugar must align well with these business systems. Once integrated, Sugar users have a single point of truth for all data points in all systems, providing them with a 360 degree view of their customers. With real time synchronization and business processes orchestration you can ensure higher data quality and users gain greater visibility and insight into a broader data scope.

Learn how Sugar users are levering CRM and the Magic xpi platform to gain greater insight into their business and customers.


3) Relationship Intelligence: Reporting and Insights

When: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2017, 3 PM

In this informative session, we will focus on gleaning intelligence from the business and personal relationships within your organization. First, we will dive into the current state and future development of Hint, SugarCRM’s new Relationship Intelligence product, which provides company and contact insight that reduces preparation and research time allowing you to focus on building better client relationships. Second, we will reveal how users can leverage the Sugar reporting module and dashboards to get more insights from data visualizations.

Important “Sugar Tools” Sessions at SugarCon 2017


4) Practical Customer Acquisition and Retention with Sugar, MailChimp, Zendesk and Intercom

When: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2017, 2 PM

Have you ever lost a lead mid-way through your nurturing process? In today’s world, it’s a fact that attracting new business is only half of the story – with so much competition available, customer retention is more important than ever. In this session, you will see how to build relevant and interactive campaigns to generate more buyer interest, tips for nurturing along the engaged sales cycle, as well as tips for retaining more customers and answering “cries for help” before it’s too late. You’ll learn how to use a mix of Sugar and cool add-ons from Intercom, MailChimp and Zendesk effectively, and you’ll see how to automate the modern customer lifecycle with pre-integrated tools you can start using tomorrow.


5) Sugar Roadmap Deep-Dive (Always a Crowd-Favorite)

When: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2017, 11 AM

Important “Sugar Tools” Sessions at SugarCon 2017

Always a crowd favorite, this session outlines both the near-term and longer term vision for SugarCRM’s expanding product lines. From core relationship management modules to cool new intelligence-laden additions like Hint, this cornerstone session promises to keep you clued in to the future of all things Sugar!


6) Customizing SugarCRM Mobile

When: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2017, 4 PM

This session will highlight mobile features introduced this year, and also give some insight into what’s to come. We’ve added new tools to help you tailor the SugarCRM mobile app and allow re-branding and allow you to extend the mobile app in ways never possible before.


Also, don’t forget…


UnCon – the place where coders can code and developers feel at home. Come meet with peers, dive deep and get up-and-close with the best and the brightest from Engineering, TAMs, Solution Consultants, Professional Services, and other departments across SugarCRM.


SugarLabs – stop by SugarLabs for a fun, interactive, hands-on look at the next set of Sugar features and UI enhancements.


Birds of a Feather Sessions – meet, mingle and share insights about your industry with other experts. This place to network and share insights and experience!


App Throwdown Contest – have a cool idea for a useful and fun app? Throw it down in our Community & win your moment of fame on the SugarCon stage!