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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transitioned from science fiction worlds to everyday reality; it has also become a more widely accessible tool than most fiction writers ever dreamed of. Thanks to the technology provided by innovators like Sugar, AI isn’t just for massive enterprises. Small or mid-sized businesses can leverage AI-driven tools like SugarPredict to enhance multiple aspects of their operations.

AI and High-Definition Customer Experience (HD-CX)

The latest AI tools from Sugar are made possible by the company’s pioneering of a new customer experience standard: high-definition customer experience, also called HD-CX. This standard builds on a previous key Sugar innovation—the time-aware CX platform.

To put it simply, time-aware CX was all about putting customer data and interactions in their full historical context, providing your team would have detailed knowledge of the path they took to get to you and the entire background for each customer.

If the customer’s relationship with your company was beset by one persistent kind of problem, time-aware CX made it possible to avoid repeating past mistakes. If they tended to seek out certain types of products or brands, an agent could come to their next call armed with the knowledge they were likely to need. The innovations brought about through time-aware CX were all about using the understanding of context to deliver the superb customer experience that’s the objective of a successful 21st-century business.

High-definition CX takes this principle a step further by adding a focus on predictability. Business forecasting—the art of the educated guess at future trends and needs—has been around for a long time. However, HD-CX brings technology that can seek out relevant data even beyond the boundaries of your own CRM’s database, marshal and analyze it and achieve upwards of 80% greater accuracy in forecasting than rules-based approaches derived from CRM data alone.

Having access to genuine predictability (a kind of business forecasting that cuts down considerably on guesswork and more reliably provides genuine insight) is a valuable advantage for any business. This feature of the HD-CX standard is most directly manifested in the AI-powered predictive engine SugarPredict.

The Features and Implementation of SugarPredict

Using Sugar Sell gives you automatic access to the powerful features of SugarPredict. Sugar Service Consultants can help you lay the groundwork for AI as an integrated part of your company’s culture and long-term business model, walking you through the best routes to successful implementation. That makes it possible to hit the ground running, feed data to the AI, and get accurate predictions from day one.

SugarPredict takes on much of the heavy lifting of acquiring essential data and generating worthwhile insights from that data, providing added clarity to the process of formulating your business’ strategic vision. Its specific features include:

  • Lead scoring for likely conversion
  • Accurate forecasting and prescriptions for close-monitoring sales performance and hitting quotas
  • Using AI to Identify patterns and trends, which are then displayed directly within the Sugar products you use every day
  • Full sales visibility into contextual history and insights for pipeline analysis and forecasting
  • Accelerating deal velocity and maximizing team productivity with accurate next-step advice backed by trusted metrics
  • Saving time and accelerating deals with accurate predictions so your leadership teams can make better business decisions, manage risk, and identify and respond quickly to more opportunities.

SugarPredict’s rich feature set and proven time-to-value benefits quite simply makes it one of the most powerful AI tools on the market, delivering concrete results for users that can make the difference between sinking or swimming in the fast-paced, transformation-oriented 21st-century marketplace.

The Power of SugarPredict

SugarPredict’s AI is designed to analyze your company’s data for performance continually and to establish the most effective next steps. For example, it can provide insights that help you predict how likely specific prospects are to convert and suggest ways that your sales, marketing, and customer service departments can work more effectively together to boost sales numbers—and the specific steps to make that happen.


Wherever there are gaps in your CRM data, SugarPredict’s deep learning AI can combine it with external sources and still manage to make predictions with a high degree of accuracy. This is the essential ability that sets the HD-CX standard apart, and it allows SugarPredict to supercharge critical aspects of their sales campaigns.

Maximize Productivity

The proven techniques and technology of SugarPredict make possible accurate predictions that you can use to streamline workflows, save time on identifying and responding to potential threats and opportunities, manage risk and make key decisions with greater efficiency, and generally keep everyone on the same page.

Anticipate the Unexpected

Accurate predictability can alert your team to hidden trends and patterns in your SugarCRM data and that of other tools you’ve integrated with it. It can also leverage external information to spot opportunities you might otherwise have missed or anticipate crises that might otherwise have blindsided you. Your teams can come prepared for what would previously have been the “unexpected” with considered tactics formulated as part of your overall business strategy instead of having to generate responses to new situations on the fly.

Boost Your Numbers

SugarPredict lets your sales team target specific customer profiles, allowing you to focus on the best kinds of opportunities for your business and the kinds of prospects that will lead to bigger deals and better conversion and retention rates. You can identify and prioritize genuinely hot leads and distinguish them from promising ones but won’t repay the effort. When each of your agents has the full context of every prospect—including pipeline analysis and forecasting insights driven by deep-learning AI—it’s easier for them to close opportunities and perform to their full potential.

The Bottom Line

There’s simply no way around it: The future of business lies in integrating AI-driven technologies and having the ability to make the most of those technologies for your team. If you’re just getting started on the process of unlocking the value that AI can deliver for your everyday operations and long-term goals, there’s no better entry point than SugarPredict.

Want to learn more about enhanced forecasting and the power of SugarPredict, check out our blog, Solving Your Sales AI Challenges with SugarPredict.

Or, contact the experts at SugarCRM and get started today on managing risk, discovering your best opportunities, and making your business a keen and agile competitor.

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