Sugar Sweetens Tyson Foods’ Recipe for Success

Did you know Tyson Foods is responsible for producing approximately half the chicken, pork and sausage consumed in the USA? This 80-year-old global company represents a portfolio of brands that you can find in almost any kitchen: AdvancePierre, Hillshire Farm, Ball Park, Jimmy Dean, and Sara Lee.

Sugar Sweetens Tyson Foods’ Recipe for Success

Building on its existing $39B per year success, the company wanted to further develop the B2C arm of the business as part of its sales outreach, which sparked a search for the right CRM platform to support their ambition. They needed a solution as far-reaching and bespoke as their product line.

Just how “bespoke” were these requirements? A list of 115 sent them on an 18-month search. Most important on the list: a CRM that was simple enough to encourage user adoption, but that was also comprehensive enough to facilitate collaboration across teams and could also be used on mobile devices.

According to Tyson Foods’ IT Director Christopher Poland, “We have a history of buying technology that never gets adopted. If I couldn’t put something extremely usable in the hands of an analog guy, it wasn’t going to get used.”

And that’s where SugarCRM came in. SugarCRM has helped Tyson Foods address all 115 business requirements, and post-implementation, the technology has also been well received by employees. For example, the high-quality graphics and data provide the team with deeper insights while the Senior Sales Director alone reported a 15% decrease in time spent pulling weekly pipeline updates.

With help from SugarCRM, Tyson Foods is heading towards its expansion goals, and they aren’t alone. If you’d like to find how SugarCRM has helped other manufacturers such as Materion, Roxtec, and HPE, be sure to check out our case studies page.

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