Top 5 SugarClub Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

SugarClub is our way of showing we care about all our customers, and we want to make it easy for you to find all the information you need to get the most out of your Sugar experience.

The Club is the perfect place for our teams to get your feedback, learn from your unique perspective on using Sugar products, and plan future developments to better respond to your needs.

SugarClub is the perfect place to learn about Sugar products

We don’t want you to miss out on any of the SugarClub great content, so we’ve compiled our favorite posts from April:

  1. Forecast Module Improvements for Sugar Sell: The Q2 2022 release includes upgrades to the Forecasts module’s look, feel, and function. Now it’s easier for sellers and sales managers to build forecasting worksheets and work with their assigned opportunities or revenue line items and commit predictions based on the deals they expect to close.
  1. What’s New in the Q2 2022 Sugar Release? Learn about new features and improvements available in Sugar Sell, Sugar Market, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Mobile, and Sugar Connect in our new SugarU training courses.
  1. How No-Code / Low-Code Works: how embracing and adopting no-code / low code capabilities enable shaping CRM to an organization’s unique business model without the need for specialized developers and complex projects.

embracing and adopting no-code / low code capabilities enable shaping CRM to an organization’s unique business model

  1. Dynamic Email Content. We all know that genetic marketing typically gets generic results, so we’ve developed a solution that enables you to create and manage multiple custom campaigns simultaneously. You can now address multiple customer and prospect segments by sending a single email with varied copies based on the recipient’s profile with Dynamic Email Content in Sugar Market.
  1. SugarU Podcast Season 2 Episode 7: In this episode of our SugarU podcast, Andrea Ayers recaps the last quarter’s interesting finds in the SugarClub.

It’s a Wrap!

Thank you for sharing your Sugar stories with us, and cheers to our star community members’ achievements. If you want to improve your Sugar skills, join SugarClub’s users’ groups, ask questions in the Help forum or just attend an event. Everyone is welcome in the Club!

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