Top Five Reasons Why Sugar 5-Seat Edition is the Best Small Business CRM

Top Five Reasons Why Sugar 5-Seat Edition is the Best Small Business CRM

CRM is an essential tool for Sales and Marketing teams of any business. The best CRM empowers users to increase lead conversion and win repeat business.  Small businesses have specific requirements and a limited budget. They struggle to find the best CRM at the right price.  SugarCRM has a solution.

Sugar offers the 5-Seat Edition to fulfill this need. In our opinion, it is the best SMB CRM for the price in the market.

Here are the top five reasons why Sugar delivers high value for every small business.

1. Sugar 5 Seat Edition is a complete Sales and Marketing platform:

Sugar offers a full range of CRM tools for small businesses. Features like campaigns, lead Management, account management, calendar, robust reports, a mobile app, and cloud deployment make it an essential tool.

Many SMB CRM applications are an inferior subset of their Enterprise product.  Businesses soon outgrow the included functionality.  They then have to do an expensive upgrade or migrate to a different solution, increasing the cost and learning curve. Many businesses therefore resolve that they can not afford a real CRM.

Sugar offers all the essential tools needed in this Small Business Edition.

2. SugarCRM offers a Flexible and Scalable Platform:

Sugar is a flexible platform conforming to the business needs of customers.

Features like custom modules, an extensible data structure, unlimited API calls, and user-friendly administration tools support the evolving needs of businesses.

As business and teams grow, needs will evolve and expand.

When using Sugar 5-Seat Edition, adding licenses and upgrading to other Sugar Products is easy. This has no negative impact on the customization, configuration, and data that is already in the system. There is no need for any data migration or recreation of features.

3. Robust Security:

Sugar provides field and record-level security, and access level privileges through the creation of Roles and Teams. Each user has an assigned Role, which regulates access to modules and fields they need to perform their job efficiently. A role streamlines the user experience.

SugarCRM User Security - Role Setup

Teams provide access to data needed by the users and nothing more. They help users stay focused on the information they need, and assist with maintaining data privacy.

4. Affordable Price and a Great Buy:

Sugar 5-Seat Edition is $2700/year, which is $45/user/month. This subscription is paid annually via contract.

It is a very affordable investment for small businesses.

Considering all the value in this package, it is a great buy. Most SMB CRM Packages do not have Enterprise-level features and tools.

Most CRM Small Business Editions are glorified Rolodexes. The features are designed to hook users, hold the data, and then force an upgrade when real Lead, Opportunity, and Relationship management is needed.

Sugar offers excellent value as there is little need for an upgrade from this package unless more than five users are needed.

5. Cloud and Mobile included:

The Sugar 5-Seat Edition is hosted in the Cloud.

Cloud hosting frees the business from having to manage the server, backups, antivirus, database, and other tools needed for running the CRM and keeping data secure.

Sugar Cloud uptime is over 99%, meaning the chances of outage are low.

The Sugar Mobile app is included. The app is one of the best in the market; allowing users to have access to all the essential information needed on the go. It can be configured to provide easy-to-navigate menus and screens for the busy professional.


Small businesses and small teams (at larger businesses) are microcosms. They need high-quality tools to be successful, including state-of-the-art CRM.

The best-of-breed tools for Lead and Opportunity Management and Relationship Management are essential for their success. These teams have limited budgets and a small number of users.

Most of the time, they have to choose between budget and functionality.

Sugar 5-Seat Edition provides advanced tools at an affordable price so smaller teams can succeed in their goals and grow their business.

Alycom Business Solutions are a Sugar Partner.

Thank you!

Dilshad Dellawalla, Alycom Business Solutions
Dilshad Dellawalla, Alycom Business Solutions

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