The Scoop Q3 2022: Better User Experience

Our quarterly release is an exciting and awaited moment at SugarCRM. Not only are we thrilled to show you the hard work our team accomplished over the last quarter, but it’s a step further to continue delivering innovation and increased business value.

Read on to see what’s new in our Q3 2022 (12.1) release.

Pipeline Visualization Changes for Sugar Sell​

With this release, we’re introducing many forecasting enhancements to help sales teams say goodbye to working in spreadsheets and additional software to build accurate forecasts. With the new Pipeline Visualizations view, sellers can now review opportunities contributing to their forecast and how changes to those opportunities impact their forecast. The Q3 2022 update also includes several ways to filter deals and provide greater clarity into your pipeline and forecast with custom filters and responsive metrics.

But that’s only a sneak peek; there’s more to discover. Check out the video above for the best this release brings Sugar Sell users.

Internationalization for Sugar Market

With the Q3 2022 release, large portions of the Sugar Market user interface will be translated or localized for seven new languages—also available for Sugar Sell & Sugar Serve—allowing users across the platform to access essential information in their local language.

Users can personalize their experience by setting their language, date/time format, and currency preferences, making it easier to quickly manage data and content within Sugar Market. Sugar Market will provide a localized user interface in a total of 8 languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English (UK)
  • English (US)
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Excited to learn what else is in this Sugar Market release? Watch our video above to discover more!

Pipeline Inspection View for Sugar Enterprise

One of the most important aspects of forecasting is inspecting pipeline. With this release, we’re adding a Pipeline Inspection view to help sales leaders focus on what really matters: generating revenue. Now, sellers and sales leaders can review each opportunity line by line and assess how likely each opportunity will close. Additionally, we’re also improving the look and feel of Sugar’s Reports viewer to provide a more intuitive experience.

As most of our on-premises customers already know, the new Enterprise capabilities will become available during the 13.0 annual release in April 2023.

An immense amount of work went into the release this quarter, and the results are evident. Watch our video above to discover all the exciting enhancements and new features going live with this release for Sugar Enterprise users.

Plus, join us on SugarClub to learn more about each feature exclusive to the SugarClub community.

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