The Disruption Series: Collabspot

We are in the era of digital disruption and it’s not just about companies like Uber and Airbnb. Organizations in every industry, because of the ridiculously fast pace of technology innovation, are dealing with disruption. They must develop digital transformation strategies that focus on utilizing new technologies and business models to more effectively engage with customers at every touchpoint.

Furthermore, there is clear evidence that companies that embrace digital transformation and offer a superior customer experiences are outperforming their competition in terms of attaining and retaining customers.

How many emails do you get per day? I’d bet the number is significant. A good number of these emails likely come from prospects that you’d like to eventually turn into customers. In order to increase your chances of doing that, it helps to capture the information from email directly into Sugar. Also, when corresponding with a prospect or customer, having the latest Sugar data right at your fingertips increases your efficiency and improves the customer’s experience when they interact with you.

Collabspot provides a seamless integration with GMail (and soon Office 365) to bring Sugar into your inbox. What’s more, the team at Collabspot is utilizing “email analytics” to provide greater insight for sales and support teams. In our latest disruption series video, check out SugarCRM’s Martin Schneider’s interview with Brandon Sellers, the vice president of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Collabspot.