SugarCRM Launches i2i Customer Journey Workshop Series

Marketing success now depends on a customer-centric approach. But if you’re like most of the marketers I talk to, you’re still unsure how to create a strategy that truly resonates with buyers. You probably have questions about how to map a customer journey from the customer’s point of view, and you also might be wondering what happens after you have that map in place. How, exactly, can you use a customer journey map to connect with your buyers in truly meaningful ways?

I’ve fielded lots of questions like those over the past few months, and that’s why I’m excited to tell you that this month SugarCRM is launching an exciting new i2i Customer Journey Workshop series, headlined by the internationally-known and celebrated customer strategist Phil Winters. Author of Customer IMPACT Agenda, Winters has helped more than 300 organizations, including Amazon, Deutsche Telekom, Panasonic and Tripadvisor, reorient their businesses based on a deeper understanding of their customers.

During the i2i workshops, he’ll explain how to map the journey and identify the individuals involved along the way – on the supplier’s side, as well as on the customer’s side. By determining the key points of engagement – what we call the” i2i Connections” – you’ll better understand how to build an actionable journey map that can dramatically enhance business performance, customer engagement and satisfaction.

Our i2i workshop series follows SugarCRM’s recent announcement about a “reimagined” vision of CRM, one that fuses Customer Journey Mapping with CRM. This innovative approach can help you close the gap between understanding your customers and taking action to create extraordinary customer relationships. It challenges your organization to see itself from the customer’s point of view and develop a comprehensive map of the customer journey – from awareness and consideration to purchase, and then straight through to satisfaction, retention and advocacy.

Are you ready to take the first step towards creating extraordinary customer relationships? You can start by attending our complimentary i2i Customer Journey Workshop series at a location near you:

  •  May 14- Chicago
  •  May 21- Costa Mesa, CA
  •  May 26- Monterrey, Mexico
  •  May 28- Mexico City, Mexico
  •  June 23- Munich, Germany
  •  June 25- Frankfurt, Germany
  •  July 22- Sydney, Australia
  •  September 17- London, England
  •  September 24- Zurich, Switzerland