SugarCRM Hint: “News” is Big News

As a sales rep, you have many deals in the pipeline simultaneously and must prioritize them everyday. Most of the time, the order of your list will remain the same, but wouldn’t it be advantageous to be know when one of your target companies makes a strategic announcement? How about when it announces a new executive, receives new funding or signs a big partnership?

Having access to company news in real-time will help reps identify urgent opportunities and empowers them to have relevant conversations when they reach out to customers.

Announced at SugarCon last week, and available today, the latest version of SugarCRM Hint now provides recent news articles about your target company, which will help your sales reps prioritize hot opportunities and stay informed on the latest and most relevant content about their current and potential customers.

SugarCRM Hint: “News” is Big News

As a refresher: SugarCRM Hint is our new relationship intelligence service that provides Sugar users with a wealth of personal and corporate profile details for their contact – by automatically searching the web and fine-tuning the data – with just a name and an email address. With Hint, users can dramatically reduce the time spent researching new contacts outside the CRM, and cut down on manual data entry. They can also quickly find and import fresh and accurate data about contacts and their organization.

Getting instant access to static data, such as where a contact went to college, her/his past employment history and links to her/his social profiles is one thing. That’s information does not change very often. News is truly a leap forward for the product because Hint is now able to quickly find breaking news and information about a company in real-time. In short, “News” is big news.

SugarCRM HInt is compatible with Sugar 7.8 or later versions, and available for an introductory price of $15 per user, per month. For more information, please visit